Responsible Business

The Meridian Group has a long history of operating in Africa, and as such we have close connections to the communities we serve. Our subsidiary companies are involved in local community projects on an ongoing basis, a few key projects are highlighted below:

Ferts, Seed & Grain in Zimbabwe is the custodian of the Rose of Sharon Welfare Organization, which consists of three orphanages and a High School for orphans in Zimbabwe. At FSG we strongly believe that equipping the next generation with excellent agronomic knowledge will set them up for a future of success. In total we support over 150 orphans from 6 months of age to 18 years old with funding, transport, and most importantly fertilizer, seed, irrigation and agronomic advice on their own horticulture and maize plots which we have helped them to develop. Our agronomists visit the orphanages frequently to educate the children on good subsistence farming practices, welcoming other children from the area to join in and learn from these sessions.

Our Farm Service Unit is wholly focussed on the betterment of farmers, and our small-scale project in Malawi works tirelessly to achieve this end. The project is the first of it’s kind in Malawi, and our investment in this project aims to increase the average small-scale farmer’s produce by 20% . You can read more about this service and project here (link to FSU page).

Farmers World and Agora both support the local communities in which they operate, with Agora working with the Samaritan Trust to help children in need meet their school fee requirements and Farmers World most notably donating a much-needed maternity shelter in Karonga. Malawi Fertilizer Company also works closely with local schools, most recently donating all important educational material to Rumphi Secondary School.