The Mauritius-based Meridian Group operates across Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The original companies making up the group trace their origins back more than 25 years, and today the group employs over 3,000 people across the region.

Our companies locally manufacture, distribute and trade in agricultural commodities that allow us to partner with local farmers and provide them with best value, tailor-made solutions.

 Our core focus is on the importation, blending and distribution of high quality fertilizer. Meridian’s flagship brand, Superfert Fertilizer, is available throughout the region and enjoys a strong following with an array of farmers and farming enterprises.

We import our raw materials from global producers into the ports of Nacala and Beira in Mozambique, where we have large-scale warehousing facilities.

With Nacala being the closest deep–sea port to Malawi, we established a reliable corridor early on that sees rail transport going from the Nacala port direct to our factory in Malawi. Beira is the ideal port for servicing the region, where we land mixed cargos that are then split up for delivery to Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi. The Beira Port is also directly linked to our Zimbabwean factory by rail.

By coupling our global reach in sourcing with our on-the-ground logistics network, we are able to take product directly from source to farmer and vice versa (without the middleman) to connect local farmers output to international markets. In-country, all of our logistics operations are owned and managed by ourselves.

Apart from the fertilizer unit, our business extends into three key areas; Retail, Seed and Commodities.

In Malawi, the Meridian group has three retail chains: Agora, Farmers World and FW Savemart. Originally established to distribute fertilizer to smallholder farmers across the country, today our network of 110 depots have developed into one-stop-shops providing farmers with all their day-to-day needs, in addition to a complete range of fertilizers. These shops also facilitate a two-way trade with smallholder farmers, enabling us to buy their produce for distribution to commercial buyers in Malawi, as well as for export purposes.

 Our seed division comprises of the Demeter brand, the second highest selling seed in Malawi. The Demeter farm covers 8,000ha of land on the banks of the Shire river in Malawi. Demeter Seed is a fully certified integrated seed company producing selected bean seed as well as hybrid and OPV maize seed grown both on Demeter Farm and by selected out-growers. Seed is processed, treated and packed at our facility in Lilongwe before being distributed across Malawi.

Under the Meridian commodities arm we have two bulk commodities trading companies, a salt farm and iodizing plant, and a milling and silo storage complex.

Grain Securities Limited (GSL) and Ferts, Seed & Grain (FSG) are traders of bulk commodities. GSL also offers warehousing for harvested crops in its silos where produce is cleaned, fumigated and stored either to be returned to the farmer or purchased by GSL at the ruling price of the day. GSL also has a milling arm producing maize meal, roller meal and grits. The Mozambique-based Transalt salt farm produces both coarse and fine iodized salt – both of which are distributed across the region.